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NüVo Condoms is giving away condoms to those in-need via “likes” on Facebook


NEW YORK, NY (November 2011) – Challenger brand NüVo Condoms has officially announced the launch of their new philanthropic initiative “NüVo Cares.” For every “like” NüVo Condoms receives on Facebook, NüVo will donate a condom to people in-need within the U.S. through non-profit organizations dedicated to AIDS/STD research, prevention and awareness. The mission of NüVo Cares is to help people in need while reflecting on the seriousness of AIDS and the impact that condoms can have on preventing the transmission of STD’s and unwanted pregnancy. Helping someone has never been this easy. One simple click can help make a difference in the life of someone today. 

NüVo Cares is devoted to making a difference by helping people in our community stay safe and spreading awareness of the positive aspects of condom use. Take the time today and click to help save the life of someone in need.

“I wanted to mark the 30th anniversary of World Aids Day in a meaningful way, and wanted to direct our program domestically to help people who need condoms get them,” stated Behn Goldis a spokesperson for NüVo Condoms. “I thought about this initiative as a way for all people to be able to give back to society without having to reach into their wallets. In these tough economic times there are still many things that people can do to help the lives of others in need. We at NüVo are always looking for ways to educate and spread the awareness of safety in a fun, positive and creative way”

NüVo Condoms is the challenger brand that is making a bang – literally – in the condom industry. The urban, edgy packaging promotes NüVo’s message of having a positive, fun yet responsible approach to sexuality and sexual relationships. NüVo is committed to making an impact on unwanted pregnancy and the recent rise in STD’s by making condoms available to anyone who needs them at a competitive price.

NüVo Condoms deploys a number of grass roots programs to get the word out about having fun in a safe and responsible manner including: sponsorships, concerts, tailgates, philanthropies and distributing over 300,000 free condoms this year alone. NüVo Condoms is one of the top sponsors of the 2012 World Serious Beer Pong Tournament and will be implementing a variety of giveaways leading up to and throughout the tournament this year in January in Las Vegas. The NüVo Protection Plan, one of NüVo’s current initiatives, is helping NFL quarterbacks, who get sacked the most every week, stay safe and protected with a free supply of NüVo condoms.


NüVo condoms are currently in stores nationwide: including Duane Reade, select Walgreens, select CVS, Navarro’s, Family Dollar and in the Fall of 2016 at Kmart and Fred’s.

Order online at drugstore.com and amazon.com.


NüVo condoms are manufactured by NV Healthcare, LLC.

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