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The big idea

NüVo condoms were developed because safe sex should be affordable for everyone. Our condoms are made from high quality premium latex to help reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, and each condom is triple tested for safety and reliability.

About the company

Quality and consumer loyalty has been the foundation of our parent company, IP Inc., founded thirty years ago. As leaders in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, it is a natural step to enter the family planning products category under the NV Healthcare banner. The NüVo line of family planning products is launching amid much anticipation.

NüVo Condoms

The first products to debut are Lübe, Ültra Thin, XXL and LIQuid condoms. All of these condoms are manufactured for a most comfortable and safe, unique sensual experience.

NüVo Condoms Quality Assurance

NüVo Condoms are manufactured with the highest quality standards.

NüVo Condoms go through rigorous testing and quality control at each and every phase of the process to ensure that each condom meets worldwide requirements.

NüVo Condoms are manufactured from the finest premium latex.

Each condom is triple tested including electronic, air and water.

NüVo Condoms are FDA 510(k) certified.

This guarantees a most reliable and enjoyable product!

Get It On – Responsibly.

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